Almost half of new jobs are ‘self employed’.

Some helpful stats from the rethinking education, economy and society blog. Which begs the question: what will future education for precarious underemployment look like…?

Education, Economy and Society

Unemployment may be falling and more people working, but analysis of labour market trends is increasingly focussing on the particular type of employment that are being created in the post-crash economy.

The TUC have calculated that 44% of the new employment since 2010 has been ‘self-employment.’ ( and 40% of this has been ‘part-time.’ Earnings from self-employment fell by a fifth between 2006 and 2010, suggesting that many people have been forced to work for themselves, as a result of being made redundant –the TUC also reports that the number of self-employed people setting up a company has fallen, so rather than a new generation of entrepreneurs, ‘selling goods on line’ or ‘odd-jobbing’ is more likely to be the norm. There’s also been a fall in the number of people paid by employment agencies. Almost two million self-employed workers are over 50 including 400 000 over 65, suggesting…

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