The familiar, yet strange, topological inversions and reversions of the flyped university

Allan Parsons, normally blogging at Poiesis and Prolepsis , reports on the recent Educational Eliminationism and Cultural Colonization Symposium:

Higher Education and Theory Network

“Karl [Miller] turned his need for affection somehow inside out: to use a rather Midlothian word, he flyped it.” (Ascherson, 2014: 9)

“… [traditional realism’s] model of reality [is that it is] a dull independent state of affairs that the mind is forced to copy like a harassed student at some dreary provincial art school” (Harman, 2009: 112)

“There are clear and obvious connexions between the quality of a culture and the quality of its system of education.” (Williams, 1961: 145)

Capitalism0 Allan Parsons: The Writing on the Milanese Wall


This will be difficult, slow, gradual, fragmented, tortuous and possibly torturous; and in need of revision and supplementation to overcome its limitations and confusions.

Is it simply to engage in a kind of defeatism, often confused with pragmatism, to believe that,

“Whatever you think about the changes to higher education that have been made in recent years, in particular the decision…

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