I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog lately, mainly because I’ve been finishing off some articles and participating in a few conferences. The following articles are currently in various stages of writing and submission (I’ll update the list as and when these articles become available, if you’d like a draft copy of anything in the meantime do contact me):

  • Pedagogy as Cryptic Politics: Walter Benjamin, Friedrich Nietzsche and the End of Education, forthcoming in a special issue of boundary 2 on Walter Benjamin and Education, ed. Matthew Charles and Howard Eland.
  • Secret Signals from Another World: Walter Benjamin’s Theory of Innervation, submitted for consideration of New German Critique.
  • Dialectics of Pedagogization: On Politics and Education, version of conference talk given for panel on Pedagogization at Radical Philosophy Berlin 2015 conference, forthcoming in Radical Philosophy.
  • Critique of Pedagogic Violence, forthcoming in a special issue of Pedagogy, Culture and Society on Walter Benjamin, Childhood and Pedagogy, ed. Carrie Paechter and Michael Rosen.

Peter Osborne and I have also updated the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy entry on ‘Walter Benjamin’, which has now been published online: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/Benjamin/

Finally, it looks like I’ll be writing the chapter on ‘Erziehung/Education’ for Sage’s forthcoming three-volume Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory, which aims to give a topical overview of critical theories (as opposed to ‘traditional theories’, in Horkheimer’s sense) of education.

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