The growing private sector in adult learning

John Field has a posted about the growing privatization of adult learning on his excellent blog thelearningprofessor, which ties in with ideas about pedagogization I’ve referred to on this one:

I’ve been struck for some time by the steady growth of private sector adult learning. No one really knows how large it is, though an investigation in 2009 identified 12,300 private training providers in the UK operating above the VAT threshold…

Recent deep cuts in budgets for public providers, from colleges to councils, have significantly reduced public provision. The very same cuts have increased the private sector workforce by making people redundant or retiring them early, and giving them an incentive to offer their own programmes.

At the same time demand for learning, whether for vocational or personal development, is still rising, and the background factors that generated the 1990s debate over lifelong learning have not gone away. So it is inevitable that private providers, as well as voluntary sector bodies, are stepping in…

Privatisation of large parts of adult learning seems to me to have gone past the point of no return. Its further growth appears to be unavoidable, and this means that some of the problems and issues need to be addressed

Source: The growing private sector in adult learning