Who gains from the grumbles?

The-Issues-with-Private-Student-LoansOver at HE Watch and wonkhe, Steven Jones has published a great piece responding to the grumbling opinion pieces about students as consumers. He concludes, ‘ the student-academic relationship at English universities is surely stronger than such simplistic polarisations [between dissatisfied student consumers and over-protected academics] allow.’

I’ve sought to take up this challenge in a couple of articles I’m currently working on. The first (hopefully to be published in Radical Philosophy in the summer) critically examines the overly-simplistic notion of the ‘student as consumer’ and questions its supposed overcoming with the ‘the student as producer’; the student is – to adopt the terrible terminology that I replace in the article with a more detailed Marxist analysis – more accurately a “prosumer”. The second (to be appear in a forthcoming special issue of Studies in Philosophy and Education) focuses on academic work and the relationship to students by attempting to rethink the teaching-research association in terms not of “research-led teaching” but rather what I call “teaching-led research”.

Source: Who gains from the grumbles?