Chapter on Erziehung/Education in The Sage Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory

The digital edition of the new SAGE Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory is now available, with the print edition being published in July 2018. The three volume set has been edited by Beverly Best, Werner Bonefeld and Chris O’Kane and contains 99 chapters divided into sections on ‘Key Texts’, ‘Critical Elaborations’ and ‘Critical Reception and Further Developments’ (Volume 1), on the themes of ‘State, Economy, Society’ and ‘Culture and Aesthetics’ (Volume 2), and on the contexts of ‘the Emergence of Critical Theory’, ‘the Later Development of Critical Theory’ and ‘Elements in Contemporary Movements and Theories’ (Volume 3).

I’ve not had a chance to read through the other contributions yet but of relevance to the themes of this blog is my own chapter in Volume 2 on ‘Erziehung: The Critical Theory of Education and Counter-Education,’ which contains sections on the foundations of critical theory, Late Capitalism and the Education Industry, Mimetic and Rational Education, Intersubjectivity: Communication and Recognition, and Counter-Education.

The free preview has some chapters available and those with institutional access, such as through the British Library, should be able to read all the chapters online. Do feel free to contact me if you’d like to read a copy of my chapter and don’t have institutional access.

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