Thinking In and About Academic Institutions: 
Lecture (Week 11) for 7CLST011 Knowledge, Cultural Memory, Archives and Research

Walter Benjamin’s The Storyteller: Fiction & Form
22 September 2016, Birkbeck School of Arts

Howard Caygill Professor Of Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University and author of the forthcoming Kafka: In the Light of the Accident (Bloomsbury, 2017), Sara Salih, Professor of English at the University of Toronto, and Matthew Charles, Lecturer in English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster, join The Storyteller’s editors and translators, Sam Dolbear, Esther Leslie and Sebastian Truskolaski, for a special event to launch Walter Benjamin’s fiction collected in English translation for the first time.

The University on Trial (Law on Trial): The End(s) of the Legal Academy
19 June 2015, Birkbeck School of Law

The obituaries of academic freedom, the humanities, and indeed the university itself are coming to focus not just on the end of an erstwhile academy but also on what the ends, the purport, of the academy should and could now be. This workshop brought this concern to bear on the role of the legal academy, a role that is distinctive yet shared with other faculties in the university. It explored what that role imports for the character of being-together within the legal academy

Panel: The Structure of a University: Instrumentalism, Idealism and Forms of Life, with Soo Tian Lee.

54321… Radical Philosophy Conference
17 January 2015, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Panel: Pedagogization, with David Blacker and Nora Sternfeld

In the early 1990s Gerald Graff predicted a “redirection of theoretical attention to issues of education and pedagogy,” a movement beyond the “cultural turn.” To what extent does the emergence of what has been characterized as an “educational turn” in art and art theory belatedly relate to this? Are we witnessing a “pedagogical turn” today? If so, does this indicate a capitulation to the process or rather the site of a potential resistance?

Governing Academic Life
25 June 2014, LSE Campus

25 June 2014 is the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Michel Foucault. ‘Governing Academic Life’ marks this anniversary by providing an occasion for academics to reflect on our present situation through our reflections on Foucault’s legacy – which could include critical reflections on that legacy. The focus of the conference, therefore, will be on the form of governmentality that now constitutes our identities and regulates our practices as researchers and teachers. However the event will also create a space for encounters between governmentality scholars and critics of the neoliberal academy whose critiques have different intellectual roots – especially Frankfurt school critical theory, critical political economy; feminism; Bourdieuian analyses of habitus, capital and field; and autonomist Marxism.

Panel: Teaching the Ungovernable: Rethinking the Student as Public, with Carl Cedstrom, Michael, Marinetto, Sam Dallyn

London Conference in Critical Thought
24-25 June 2012, Birkbeck

Panel: Critical Education and Radical Pedagogy, with Kasper Opstrup and David Christopher Stoop

Critical Education and Radical Pedagogy, Matthew Charles from London Consortium TV on Vimeo.