Walter Benjamin and English Literature


James Fenimore Cooper

Charles Dickens

James Macpherson (Ossian)

Edgar Allen Poe

William Shakespeare

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Walt Whitman

Oscar Wilde

William Butler Yeats


A Plea for Gas Lamps (1881)

Colloquy of Monos and Una (1841)

Domhey and Son (1846-8)

Hamlet (1599-1602)

Highlands of Scotland, and translated from the Gaelic or Erse language (1760)

The Last of the Mohicans (1826)

The Man of the Crowd (1840)

The Murders in the Rue Morgue (1841)

The Mystery of Marie Roger (1842)

Othello (1601-1604)

Peter Bell the Third Part (1819)

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891)

The Purloined Letter (1844)

Richard III (1593)